Project «Zibrano 45/2»

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Project parameters

Useful area of the house

45,00 м2

Cost of a kit house with entrance and interior doors, interior decoration, electrical and plumbing appliances (unfurnished)

796 000 UAH / 21 514 €*

Price per m2

17 689,00 UAH/m2 / 478 €/m2

Cost of Delivery and Foundation work

Not included

* The cost of a house in € depends on the exchange rate of €

Description of the project

The set includes windows, doors, fully finished decoration inside and out, electricity and plumbing, boiler. Furniture, kitchen, stove-fireplace with chimney, kitchen and household appliances are not included in the delivery package. The cost of installation is included in the total price.

The cost of transportation and all other works/expenses are calculated separately according to the contract.

The house can be placed on a pile or column light foundation (not included in the delivery). It does not require obtaining a permit for construction and commissioning.

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